The below resources contain brief descriptions of content and technologies relevant to Africa's Imperial Commodities.


Digital resources with additional information about commodity flows between Africa and Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries:

  • Commodities of Empire: A British Academy Research Project that explores the movement of commodities in the world economy. The scholarship focuses on Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America.
  • Commodity Histories: A public forum that emerged as a result of the Commodities of Empire project.
  • Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration & Cultural Exchange: A curated collection of primary sources for teaching and research related to global trade. The collection is published by Adam Matthew Digital and is behind a paywall.


Technologies used to construct Africa's Imperial Commodities:

  • GitHub Pages: A static site hosting service designed to host website pages from a GitHub repository.
  • Start Bootstrap Clean Blog Theme: A starter theme for the website's front end.
  • D3.JS: A JavaScript library for creating interactive data visualizations.
  • R: A programming language and environment for statistical computing.